About the Bicentennial


It’s 2020, and our community has experienced a unique moment: an opportunity to celebrate the past through our 200th anniversary while embracing the next 100 years. More than an anniversary, we extend an invitation to people locally and globally to join us as we honor our story, and the powerful next chapter that is about to be written.

That story is profound, yet simple. Memphis has changed the world… and we’re not done yet. We are a city of doers, dreamers and believers. We create, we invent, we experiment. That’s what drives this unstoppable city.

It takes soul to find a rhythm all your own, to give more than you take, and to change the world around you. It takes soul to be a Memphian.

Ida B. Wells, Dr. King, Danny Thomas, Elvis Presley are just a few of the countless women and men that have shaped this community and the world. In this moment, we honor our change makers and empower a new generation ready to take its turn, eager to make an impact and create change yet again. For those who will change the world with us… welcome home.

We are special. We are unique. We are Memphis. And together, we now enter a new century of soul.
Welcome to Memphis, our city of soul – don’t forget to bring yours.


To engage our next generation of innovators, artists and leaders in creating our region’s future.

As our community celebrates our New Century of Soul, we enthusiastically support key themes that power our community:


There is only one Memphis, and across the world we are celebrated for our originality and soul. Let’s take this opportunity to look within, inviting each neighborhood to celebrate their unique identity and culture, coming together in ways that only Memphis can.


Invite and inspire people locally and globally not just on the history of our region, but also the powerful ways people in Memphis and Shelby County are creating change yet again.


We are America’s most generous city! Let’s further the movement and invite all residents to give back in a new century of service to our community.


We create. We invent. We experiment. Throughout our history we have transformed ideas into empires, introduced a new generation of sound, and identified cures that have saved countless lives. Join Memphis and Shelby County as we embark on a new century that will once again redefine the world around us.



Liz Brasher

Jonel Turner

Dr. Isaac Rodriguez and Kayla Graff

Todd Richardson

Cynthia Daniels

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