It’s 2020, and our community has experienced a unique moment: an opportunity to celebrate the past through our 200th anniversary while embracing the next 100 years. More than an anniversary, we extend an invitation to people locally and globally to join us as we honor our story, and the powerful next chapter that is about to be written.

That story is profound, yet simple. Memphis has changed the world… and we’re not done yet. We are a city of doers, dreamers and believers. We create, we invent, we experiment. That’s what drives this unstoppable city.

We are Memphis. Welcome to our city of soul. Don’t forget to bring yours.

About the Bicentennial

We stand at a unique moment in time, where the City of Memphis and Shelby County will look back on the past 200 years while embracing the next 100 to come. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and innovate, to reflect and reimagine. This is Memphis’ moment.


Here in Memphis, our development isn’t just measured by the number of cranes dotting the skyline. We reimagine our existing spaces to create vibrant communities and we develop today for a better tomorrow. Check out the new projects across our city.

Create Change

Inside each of us exists the power to create change, and as we sit at the turn of a new century, we challenge everyone to make their mark on the world. Tell us how you plan to create change in Memphis’ third century.

Our History

For 200 hundred years, Memphis has been a beacon of light in the south, the country, and the world. Whether it’s hospitals that save children’s lives or ideas that create industries, see how Memphis has truly changed the world.

Next Century Memphians


Liz Brasher

Jonel Turner

Dr. Isaac Rodriguez and Kayla Graff

Todd Richardson

Cynthia Daniels

Behind the Citizens

Behind our great city are the people of Memphis striving to make change happen every day. That’s why we’re proud to announce Behind the Citizens, an online series highlighting the change-makers and world-shakers ushering in a New Century of Soul.

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